Pricing may vary from bike to bike. All rebuild pricing include the oil seal only. Any additional parts and fluids  are extra. Depending on the rider, revalves may require additional parts, springs or wear parts.

Today's modern motorcycle is a completely different animal. Each model has advanced suspension, with a wide range of adjustment. But there is a large gap between each rider, terrain and skill levels. When you have your suspension setup or "revalved" its like getting a suit tailored for you, not just grabbing it off the rack. Correct spring rates and damping mods that transform your suspension, plush small bump absorption, good bottoming control and so much more.


   FORK REVALVE $249.95

   FORK REBUILD $199.95

Powerband Racing is a company dedicated to providing the best service and products We are committed to developing new products that improve your ride. From Glen Helen to Mt. Morris, we want your suspension the best it can be.

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   SHOCK REBUILD $199.95


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